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Bachelor of Social Science in English, History, Hindi, Economics and more – Manipal University Jaipur 

  • BA(English, History, Economics, Hindi, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Value Education, Philosophy,Mathematics,Computer Science).
  • Candidates  have to choose any of the above three subjects to pursue their BA program at Manipal University Jaipur.


The 3-year BA English course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. Bachelors of Arts in English have been a favourite with those who are fond of reading and also those who have a flair for writing. Literature gives a perceptive eye and in-depth reading helps develop a flair for writing. This is perhaps why many students of English go on to pursue masters in English, journalism or mass communication. Students of BA English have a range of opportunities once they graduate. Besides media, they can also go for civil services, advertising and of course teaching. Many who are interested in academics or teaching go for higher studies and research in English.

Career Opportunities

For those who want to work right after graduation, jobs like content creation, accent training in BPOs and translation are some options. Sub-editors, Reporters or Correspondents in the print and electronic media, Assistant information officers and public relations officers in the government’s information services, public relations departments and in private organisations as Trainer-English, Technical Account Manager, Cross Functional Marketing Manager, Correlation Specialist Bilingual.


The 3-year BA History course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. Bachelor of Arts in History program offers students a solid liberal arts foundation intended to support them in their study of world history. Potential applicants to the Bachelor of Arts in History program should have a curiosity about the influence of history on modern times. They may also be preparing for careers in teaching or research. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in the critical reading and written and oral analysis of historical literature and materials, library research, and resourcing archives.

Career Opportunities

Teaching is the best bet for History graduates in government & Private sectors other than jobs in Archaeology and Museum departments. Also go for various competitive exams or other government services. The following positions will be open for graduates in History as Archivists, Information Managers, Librarians, Politician, Public Relations officer, Records Managers etc.


The 3-year BA Economics course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. The BA Economics provides a strong foundation in economic theories and principles but with a particular focus on examining their relevance to business and managerial situations. Students will be asked to analyse the international economic environment and to assess the impact of external factors on micro and macroeconomic performance and public policy. This programme allows students to study economics whilst leaving more space in the curriculum for Business Studies. This degree scheme aims to develop students' knowledge, understanding and ability to apply techniques in the area of economics specifically to problems in the business sector. Students should be able to understand a wide range of theoretical debates in economics and business, analyse economic problems and evaluate the implications for economic policy and business planning & strategy.

Career Opportunities

Government departments:  Indian Economics Service (IES) through UPSC.

  • Corporate - Job titles such as Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst, Business Analyst, Economic Research Analyst, Stock Market Analyst, etc.
  • Banks/ Financial Institutions - A graduate in economics can join at an entry-level position in banks, MNCs and research firms and can expect pay packages up to Rs 12,000 per month.
  • Teaching - One can appear for NET/ SET exams to qualify for working as assistant professors/ professors in colleges.


The 3-year BA Hindi course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. The scope of learning Hindi at the graduation level can be vast. There are various states within the country, where not many people know Hindi. You can get various jobs in these states if you know Hindi. Moreover since a very few people take up Hindi at graduation level, it means there is no competition when you apply for any post relating to this field. You can move abroad as a Hindi teacher or teach Hindi anywhere in India. You can get a job as a lecturer in any university or college and can also go for higher studies in the language of Hindi. A good command over the language also gives the option of translating from Hindi to various other languages you know and vice-versa. Study of Hindi at the graduation level can also help you become a good writer in Hindi language or take up Hindi language journalism provided you are interest in these fields.

Career Opportunities

They can opt for academics, media studies, translators or script writers. Also go for various competitive exams or other government services.


The 3-year BA Psychology course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. Psychology is a branch of science dedicated to understanding the human behaviour. Psychology is essentially a detailed study of the mental process involved in how a person behaves. A professional practitioner of Psychology is called a Psychologist. Psychologists are experts in study human reactions to various kinds of stimuli apart from identifying various types of emotional or behaviour problems faced by an individual. Psychologists are involved in providing behavioural counselling in various sectors such as Corporate Functions, Management, Law and Sports. Psychologists are experts in judging how an individual reacts with other people and can observe the behaviour of people under different kinds of situations and evaluate their aptitude, intelligence and overall personality.

Career Opportunities

One can find in the employment opportunities in universities and colleges, primary and secondary schools, government agencies, private industry, hospitals, clinics, and private practices and consider employment opportunities in social welfare organizations, research establishments, rehabilitation centres, prisons, child/ youth guidance centres, advertising industry and in a variety of other set-ups. Also go for various competitive exams or other government services.


The 3-year Bachelor of Arts program in this stream deals with the scientific study of society and social phenomena. You will study the works of major thinkers and contributors to this discipline, notably August Comte, Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer. Sociology also concerns itself with the problems of modern life, and the attempts of the individual to maintain his independence from the sovereign powers of society.

Career Opportunities

What can you do with a degree in Sociology? The study of this discipline prepares you for a career in International Relations as you acquire a broad study of social systems operating in different countries. You could also take up a career in Law and fight for social justice. You could be engaged as a social worker, an agent of change,  in an urban or rural set up. Other avenues that open up include Criminal Justice, Education and State Programs.

Political Science

The 3-year Bachelors degree in Political Science includes both theoretical knowledge and practical application. The curriculum encompasses political theory, international relations, politics in India, public administration and major constitutions of the world. A political science degree teaches students to read intelligently, think analytically, write clearly, accurately assess past trends, rationally predict future developments, and understand the real world.

Career Opportunities

The BA in Political Science prepares students for careers in politics, public administration, law, and other disciplines that require knowledge of how political systems function, and a wide variety of fields that utilize creativity, critical thinking, professional reading and writing skills. It also teaches students to adapt and continue learning in a rapidly changing world.

Value Education

The 3-year degree course in Value Education is based on both theoretical and practical study. Values are those principles or standards, which help to improve the quality of life. They spell out the dos and don'ts of behaviour. Values form the basics of character formation and personality development. In today's fast paced competitive world, man seems to have compromised on his values in an attempt to possess more material wealth. This has resulted in rampant corruption, unlawful activities, which are eroding the very structure of society. Our Bachelor Of Arts Program has been developed taking into account the urgent need to re-introduce value based education to redesign the fabric of our educational system.

Career Opportunities

As a value educator you can make a contribution to the educational system by shaping young minds. Other areas that you may consider include Law where you may instill a sense of right and wrong and fight for the oppressed.  You may also look at employment in an NGO, doing community service and upholding the rights and liberties of the marginalized sections of society.





Manipal University Jaipur’s Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil) is an academic degree that involves considerable research, either through a thesis or supervised research projects.
We offer students a very high quality Philosophy degree, small classes, an active student body, and support for your academic growth. The faculty at the Department of Philosophy is known for their scholarly excellence.
The objective of the course is to enrich the lives of its students through philosophical study, discussion, and reflection. It also seeks to transmit knowledge of philosophy to its students along with the necessary skills for applying it in the service of our society.

Career Opportunities

Students can make a difference to society by getting involved in community issues. There are also several academic positions for graduates of Philosophy.




Pass in 10+2, A Level, IB, American 12th grade or equivalent





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